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2003 Soils Study Guide - Web Links

Enhanced information for the soils section

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This website is to be used as a supplement to the Soils Study Guide provided by the Maryland Envirothon to each school and/or team. Some web links may have been referred to in the Soils Study Guide, or may duplicate some of the information, still others may have additional resources for your Envirothon team.

This information is not all inclusive.  Web sites provided are for reference only and may not contain the exact information that is used during the competition.

Land Judging

Oklahoma Land Judging Manual

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soils / Soil Survey Main Index

USDA Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils

From the Surface Down - An Introduction to Soil Surveys for Agronomic Use - PDF. This is a popular publication in pdf. (1.5 Mbytes)

Maryland Cooperative Extension Service - Soils Publications On-Line Listing

Help Topics On Local Soil Surveys - Intermountain Resource Inventories Inc

A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey Information - by the Department of Earth Systems Analysis International Institute for Geo-information Science & Earth Observation (ITC) Enschede, the Netherlands

Soils Resources On the Web - Soil and Water Conservation Society

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Envirothon Soil Study Guide - Web Version (as provided on CD to each county)


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