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History of the West, Renaissance to Revolutions:
Early Modern Europe Map Assignment

Please go to the class portal site, under "handouts," for a powerpoint version of the map packet handed out in class.

Use the maps in chapters 11-14 of your textbook to fill out the maps of 16th-century Europe and Renaissance Italy with the places listed below.  You may also refer to historical atlases found in the library.

You may want to shade in the water to make the map easier to read. Please observe standard cartographical conventions: for example, regions are marked roughly in the middle of the area, cities are marked with a dot, and battles are marked with crossed swords (you can use an X).

There will be a quiz on these maps on Feb. 13, 2006.  I will give you the two blank maps and select 10 of the places for you to locate (divided between the two maps). It should take about 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class. On the quiz, maps that do not observe the conventions listed above will not receive credit.

Locate the following on the map of Europe:

Bodies of Water: Empires, Kingdoms, and Regions: Cities:
Atlantic Ocean Holy Roman Empire Loyola
North Sea England Avignon
Baltic Sea France Geneva
Mediterranean Sea Spain Rome
Rhine River Italy Trent
Danube River   Wittenberg
Rhone River   Worms

Locate the following on the map of Italy:


In addition to the general links to internet map resources on the Maps web page, here are some resources I found specific to this assignment:

Map Resources for Early-Modern Europe:

Map Resources for Renaissance Italy:

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